Green Painting

Our meticulously crafted finishes, friendly staff, and environmental practices are what enable us to make the world a more beautiful place. At Northern Lights, we use environmentally friendly products in an effort to minimize our impact on the planet. Because of this, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the changing formulations in paints (to comply with new environmental laws) and subsequent changes in the application of these products.

We actively research and test the latest eco-friendly technologies so that we can ensure the best possible finishes with any of the products you may choose for your project. This level of familiarity also allows us to recommend the best products for your particular needs, whatever they may be.

We are always seeking out new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our approach ranges from simple things like recycling, minimizing electrical and water consumption, carpooling and using public transportation, to the use of low/no VOC products, biodegradable plastics, HEPA-filtered air handlers to minimize air-borne contaminants, and other LEED-certified products.

For additional information on LEED and green building, we suggest visiting USGBC. And here is some information on a few of our favorite eco-friendly paints:

Benjamin Moore Natura Zero-VOC
Benjamin Moore Eco Spec WB Silver
Benjamin Moore Aura (interior)
Benjamin Moore Aura (exterior)